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Tina Marie Tango

We love every minute of our journey.

Our Approach

The focus in our classes is on the enjoyment of learning and dancing social Argentine tango.


Tango is a dance of improvisation induced by music and danced without thinking. The art of listening and responding from a place of internal calmness presents the unique possibility of infinite expression between two. The couple dances organically with the physical and emotional as a whole creating an essence that recognizes our primary search to walk with another in harmony.

The Tango Life

Through the study Tango we are offered a rare opportunity of enhancing sensitivity and communication through the meeting of two beings, their energy and music. Together it is  dancing from a place of internal calmness in an effort to connect to a deeper level of listening and responding.

The invitation of tango is to "move and be free' by means of  improvisation  induced by music and without thinking. This idea creates a new meaning in communication with  new possibilities for interconnections and transforming knowledge into a creative act.

Tango is a calling of the "heart" and recognizes our primary search to walk with another.

Tango presents a unique possibility of expression and communication between two that considers the organic body and emotional body as a whole.

Tango is a dance for everyone and is danced worldwide. It crosses all age, cultural and economic barriers, as it presents a unique space for real communication.

Join Us...

Join us for Argentine tango and experience the endless opportunity pleasures of new sensations and fun experiences. If you enjoy music, culture, and being with others, learning and dancing tango will be a delightful journey. We are waiting for you!