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Tina Marie Tango

Love every minute of your journey.

Our Approach

From learning the basic essentials of tango, to understanding the finer details, Tina Marie's passion and knowledge will be passed on to you from a holistic approach that is inclusive of the nuances of tango culture and it's fascinating history. 

Her methodology for teaching body mechanics is one that imparts clear knowledge and develops confidence. She aims for her students to enjoy learning both the physical and emotional elements for dancing  Argentine Tango.

Why Dance Tango?

Tango's unique appeal presents a space for real communication between people of all ages, economic and cultural backgrounds. The social environment of dancing Argentine tango promotes community, togetherness, friends, and good feelings. The result is enjoyment of harmonious relationships on the dance floor during the moment to moment communication of tango. Couples dance endlessly to the beautiful and timeless music of tango and share in both simplistic and complex ideas for beautiful  exchange of creative energy.

Join Us...

Join the millions of people dancing tango and experience the endless opportunity of pleasures, new sensations and memorable experiences.