Tina Marie Tango Academy 

Argentine Tango Classes, Workshops, Practicas and Milongas

2021 Safety Agreement for lessons.

REQUIREMENTS:  (Teacher and students) Masks
  • Mask wearing
  • Touch-less temp check
  • Appropriate social distancing 
  • Safety-for-All Disclosure and cancellation. 

  • Have your mask on before you enter.
  • Mask wearing is required during your entire visit.
  • Go directly to touch-less temp devise. Do a self-check using the devise. 
  • Social distancing practices will be practiced during your entire visit.  Example: Student/Couple  > > > > > >  Teacher  
  • While appropriate distancing will occur, given the nature of instruction, short moments of closer than 6 feet may occur. 
  •  If at any moment you feel uncomfortable with distance, or method please say so!  Adjustments can be made!!
  • Hand sanitizer will be available and accessible during your lesson.
  • Touchable surfaces (may or may not be used during lesson are sanitized before student arrivals.

  • Cancel your lesson if you have the following  illness concerns.      
    • Cough, sniffles, sneezing or allergies. 
    • Feeling sick in any way.
    • Recent exposure to an infected individual.
    • Tested positive for Covid-19
    • If you feel the need to get tested for Covid-19
    •  Please advise if you have recently tested negative for Covid-19 due to concern of exposure to Covid-19

  • Please advise if you are recovering from/or have recovered from Covid-19. 
  • Please advise if you have received Vaccination for Covid-19

Thank YOU!!
S a f e t y - f o r - A l l