Tina Marie Tango Academy 

Argentine Tango Classes, Workshops, Practicas and Milongas

Tango Essentials Group Classes    

Programs are offered at several locations throughout Atlanta and North Georgia. The Essentials of Tango Group classes include specific times for beginners, advanced-beginners and intermediate/advance levels.

Classes Designed by Tina Marie

The 4 Pillars of Tango to be developed.

1- The Physical Self.
2- The Emotional Self.
3- The Art of Connection and Partnership
4- The Art of Dancing in the Social Tango Environment 

Tango Warm-up: Fundamental solo tango movement is introduced and practiced at the beginning of classes so that students develop tango's mind-to-body connection, and body-to-music connection.
The purpose of solo movement is to enjoy the movement of tango all while developing coordination, technique, posture, balance, musicality and personal expression that will then be conveyed to your partner in harmonious movement together. Through this practice students develop skills that simplify continued study and make it easier to learn more complex material.  

Connection and Communication: The methods of communication students learn will be quite different from other conventional social partner dancing. Each and every weight change in tango is its own entity and can be altered in direction, tempo, texture and feeling. This allows the improvisational and interpretive aspects of Tango to come alive. Argentine Tango is a silent language that exists in the moment. It can only be achieved by giving undivided attention to the partnership. The subtle body language and expression of Tango is so much more than just the steps.

Rhythmic walking combinations with partner connection: A variety of walking combinations are given to impart ideas as well as absolutes, for creative, simplistic as well as dynamic improvisation and music play, all while maintaining partner connection and flow.

Vocabulary: Figures and elements appropriate to skill level are introduced progressively. Expanding vocabulary and exploring new concepts are necessary for variety of expressions on the dance floor. All figures and combinations teach and reinforce the proper use of social dance floor etiquette and navigation (codegos),

Technique: Tina Marie delves deeply into fundamental technique as well as use of music. Through this, students are given the tools to be expressive on the dance floor, improve aesthetics, connection, and grow in appreciation of the culture and its rich history and evolution.
Tina Marie believes that an environment of holistic learning allows the beauty of tango to unfold in each of us in positive and meaningful ways.

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