Tina Marie Tango Academy 

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Roswell Neighborhood Tango & Wine Sipping

It starts with a few steps, a hug, a conversation, and the sipping of wine.. Before you know it, the chaos of the world slips away,. Your soul is content. and you find yourself moving in synchronicity with your partner while being swept away by the beauty of the music ..  THAT'S TANGO !!

We invite you to step in, get close, and get connected with community, new friends, and a new adventure.. We will transmit to new explorers the feeling of the people who love to dance tango.

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We are waiting for you!
Who can come?

The world can be crazy, fast paced, and chaotic, but there’s another dimension. It’s called Argentine Tango, and we carry an idea....   "We can all dance".

You see,. . .  tango is not theater or productions. It’s not performance.. Even though you might believe that you have two left legs, that you haven’t danced since you were in high school, and even if you think you're tone deaf,  "You are also a dancer." 

The true protagonists of tango are ordinary people seeking or discovering encounters of connectivity self expression, and beautiful music,. Tango helps us
to realize that in our lives, extraordinary moments are created by being fully connected and fully present with another. Tango is, a dance of the hug and by virtue of this alone, we share a journey into the heart; of tango through kindness, appreciation, and respect. It’s the human encounter of kindred spirit and community that lend itself to a sense of belonging..