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~ Bio ~

Tina Marie

Tina’s background involves a lifetime in the arts and dance education. 

From a young age Tina trained in many disciplines and performed with several dance companies and began dancing professionally directly out of High school. At age 23 she opened a Performing Arts School where she devoted the next 25 years to teaching dance. Many of Tina’s students have gone on to dance and teach professionally.  

After being introduced to Argentine Tango in early 2009, her passion escalated and a deep fascination of the dance was born. The next few years in tango fueled her desire to know more and do more. With a quest for deeper understanding and to gain knowledge necessary for teaching tango, she set out to study Tango in  Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Tango capital of the world. Her mission was to seek the best teachers for her personal development as a dancer and to acquire a deeper understanding of the dance in both roles, leading and following, and to absorb the beautiful and rich Tango culture of the Argentine people.
Over several dedicated trips, some over 3 months at a time, she trained with world renowned tango masters.  The nights were devoted to dancing among the locals, the porteños, in the Milongas of Buenos Aires with many world class dancers and most beloved and respected Milongueros in the history of Tango. 

Today, Tina Marie is known for her extensive knowledge of both roles.
She has inspired many dancers in the Tango community and helped many further develop their Tango for their personal enjoyment. Tina Marie regularly dances in the local Tango community  and attends festivals, workshops and seminars around the US. She enjoys studying with masters from around the world to further develop her personal dancing skills
as well as her teaching skills.

The Tango Classroom

Tina Marie brings authentic tango traditions and cultural practices to the classroom with a passionate and patient teaching style. Her approach is holistic and open minded and draws from years of study and experiences with many tango masters in Buenos Aires.  Her classically trained background, allows her to solidify movement knowledge and musicality in her students. She believes that by teaching the importance of the singular tango body, with body awareness, balance, and control over movement, the art of partnering  develops into a heightened expression of tango in the dual tango body.

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