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~ Bio ~

My Story

Tina's background in dance education has been a " lifelong passion".

As long as she can remember, Tina's has been involved in dance. She trained in many classical disciplines from a young age, and has years of experience dancing in professional shows. She began teaching dance professionally at age 24, owned and operated a successful dance school for 25 years, in Duluth, Georgia, and has choreographed for many competitions and performances.

" Today"... Argentine Tango is a love, a fascination, and a passion that won't quit.

Tina is known for her extensive knowledge and her expertise in both dancing and teaching both roles in Argentine Tango. (the follower role & the leader role) She has enlarged the footprint of the local Tango community, aspired to assist whole heartily anyone who wants to learn, and actively promotes tango and it's traditions and culture. She has inspired many new dancers and helped further develop those wanting to improve as dancers. Tina Marie regularly dances in the local Tango community and attends festivals, workshops and seminars around the US. She travels to Buenos Aires as much as possible to indulge in intensive training and to enjoy dancing socially in the Tango Mecca of the World.

How I Found Tango ...and when I did, I never looked back.

I was introduced to Argentine Tango in early 2009 and wondered why I hadn't found this amazing social dance sooner. The first few months was the acclimation period and I disliked being a beginner. This dance was like no other dance I'd ever experienced learning. It was simplistic, yet complex. It was  organic and natural and connected. It's was beautiful. It was worth the journey. The next few years in tango fueled my desire. I wanted to know more and do more. With my quest for deeper understanding and to gain knowledge necessary for teaching tango, I set out to study Tango in  Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Tango capital of the world. My mission was to seek the best teachers for my personal development as a dancer and to acquire a deeper understanding of the dance in both roles, leading and following, and to absorb the beautiful and rich Tango culture of the Argentine people. Over several dedicated trips, some over 3 months at a time, I trained with world renowned tango masters.  The nights were devoted to dancing among the locals, the porteños, in the Milongas of Buenos Aires among and with many world class dancers and with some of the most beloved and respected Milongueros in the history of Tango.