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Tina Marie specializes in teaching classes and workshops in authentic Argentine Tango and organizes popular local Milongas and Practicas for the dancing community. Whether you are an absolute beginner, a part-time dancer, or a seasoned tanguero, you're

sure to find a class or event to enjoy. All events and classes are presented in a friendly and inviting social environment, inclusive of

the authenticity of tango.

Tina Marie's school curriculum offers weekly tango group classes in Tango Salon (for the social floor) and inspiring specialized enrichment workshops for the development in men's and women's technique, musicality, and personal expression, to name a few. For accelerated learning, private sessions are available by appointment. From learning the basic essentials of dancing tango, to understanding the finer details, Tina Marie's passion and knowledge will be passed on to you with a holistic approach inclusive of the nuances of tango culture and it's fascinating history.  Her methodology for teaching body mechanics is one that imparts clear knowledge and develops confidence. She aims for her students to enjoy learning both the physical and emotional elements for dancing  Argentine Tango.

Tina Marie is well known in the South East tango communities, in many parts of the country, and in Buenos Aires, Argentina as an avid and passionate tango dancer and  teacher. Tina Marie has an infectious enthusiasm, a genuine  love for Tango culture, and a gift for passing the joy of Tango on to others. You can read more about Tina on her bio page.

Come quench your curiosity about tango. Together we will experience the spirit and culture of Buenos Aires, Argentine

one of the worlds most beautiful and captivating dances of all time. For a schedule of classes, milongas, and practicas.
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