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Tina Marie presents a totality of tango that draws you in.  It’s in her spirit, in the heart, as tango should be. I think the real difference is in the mind-body connection she seems to present to her students in every moment of the class. It is stimulating and offers dancers what they need to learn Tango. All inclusive.
Thank you Tina!!

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Tina is a wonderful dancer and a passionate teacher. She is very patient and understanding but at the same time she has a unique way of getting out of you the concept she is teaching. The information she provides is one thing, and how she is able to get you to understand IN YOUR BODY is quite another. The way she teaches is priceless.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

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I knew Tina in 2012 when I was visiting my sister in Georgia. I am from Uruguay and I had danced tango for a very little time. I can tell you that she brings the Argentinian Soul to the dance room, even when you know nothing about Tango Culture.  Her experience is the best.  She has traveled so many times to Buenos Aires and studied every single movement so well that she has nothing to envy to any Argentinian Tango teacher. I was her student and also when I came back to South America I met her many times in Buenos Aires and had the opportunity to be her classmate and I could see how she works to translate the mystery of this dance to you. I have been dancing for some years now, and I have taken many different classes with many teachers... But if I have to recommend just one Tango Teacher, TINA MARIE I would say for sure.   
~ Jose Scabino   Montevideo Uruguay
Coming from South America, Tango music and culture are not foreign to me so when I started to scout around for a Tango instructor in Atlanta, my goal was to find someone who dances and teaches Argentine Tango  with authenticity. I’ve been taking classes with her for almost a year and I can testify about her teaching skills to guide you from the beginner level up, her musicality, her knowledge about technique, her keen eye to correct small details in your dancing to make your tango better. She is also a passionate learner, not surprised she is been traveling regularly to Buenos Aires and taking classes from great Tango Masters like Carolina Bonaventura, Moira Castellano, Jorge Firpo, Noelia Hurtado, Virginia Pandolfi and many others. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Tango. She is an outstanding instructor and believe me, . . . this is AUTHENTIC Argentine Tango like you may find in Buenos Aires Argentina.
~ Oscar de Lima
I've taken two months of tango classes with Tina. She's a talented dancer and instructor, having spent much time in Buenos Aires dancing with and learning from the tango masters. During class she seamlessly alternates between teaching the leader's and follower's steps and technique--it has been fun learning both roles with Tina. She is in her element when dancing tango, and her love of the dance is infectious. Her commitment to strengthening the Atlanta community is evidenced by her offering beginning/intermediate classes twice a week and by organizing multiple practicas and a milongas each month. We are so fortunate to have her in our community!
~ Rebecca Hall
I worked with several instructors prior to Tina Marie, and there was truly no comparison. Tina Marie breaks each move down to all of the important components, especially during private lessons. As a yoga instructor, I find Tina Marie understands how to teach the principles of using ones core correctly too. Yes, many teachers are great dancers, but not all are great teachers. Tina Marie is an incredible teacher.
~ Mike Huber
Tina's classes are infused with her joy and passion for dance. She brings life and excitement to every lesson and her students cherish her for it.
~ Terry Tanner
Thank you, Tina, for being such an incredible teacher!  You took an inexperienced (and pretty untalented) 50 year old and taught me not only beautiful technique, but more importantly, a love and respect for the tango and the expression of the self through dance.  Your passion is contagious and apparent in every step and instruction!
~ Dana Ballard-Cello
Tina is an excellent Argentine Tango instructor. She helped me to relax and feel comfortable in her classes. Her passion for tango is contagious and she is a delightful person to  work  with. Several private lessons that I took from her really helped me to move around the dance floor and her fee is extremely reasonable.  Studying with Tina gave me the confidence to go to the milongas and become a part of the Atlanta Tango Community.
~ Teresa Libbey
Tina Marie has accomplished and continues to accomplish the impossible in making a tango dancer out of me. She has helped me aspire for a greater connection in the dance.
~ Sol Haroon
I can't tell you enough how thankful I am for you.  After years of classes with various other teachers,  I really knew nothing about this dance, the music, or about how my body should function. I enjoy tango much more these days and find a joy in connection to the body knowledge that really makes a difference. You have made me believe in myself, pushed me to become a better dancer and do things I didn't think I could.
~ Robert Kelly
I am so happy to recommend Tina to you!  I had the privilege of taking classes in tango from her for a year as well as some private lessons, and she is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable teacher.  But perhaps her most outstanding attribute is her passion for the dance as expression of self.  Tina is able to break down even simple technique for the beginner, but never lets the student forget he or she is, firstly, responding to the music and expressing him or herself with their partner.  Tina opened up a whole new world to me!
~ DB
I learned more technique and style in 3 hours than I did with other instructors in regular weekly class in any studio I have visited. Tina Marie is able to provide valuable insight for dancing tango correctly with a partner. I love how she teaches posture and connection proficiently. She calls me out on my errors with firm but a nurturing manner!
Student and eternally grateful friend!
~ Laura Waters
Tina helped me find a love for dancing. She was my favorite instructor and became an amazing friend. She gave me the ability to have confidence in myself and aspire to be the best dancer I could be. Tango went from something I tried,...to something I really loved.
~ Ramy Mousa

Tango Experiences

Tango is exciting, tango is fun, tango is challenging As a couple, we are always looking for activities to do together, a time for us with no children. Activities that challenge each other. We never thought how energetic Tango classes can be. Every Monday night we left our worries and tiredness, and drive to tango classes. Excellent exercise for the body and the spirit! We discover a new face of ourselves, along with wonderful people you meet there. Excellent company! Excellent music and lovely dancing!
~ Delia
I have met so many wonderful people in this new tango world. It has brought so much joy to my life. Thank you Tina for what you bring to the community.
~ JP
“If there is any doubt or hesitation in your mind as to whether you should go to this, put it aside and go. The people there were really friendly, the dancing was not difficult and within the ability of just about everybody. Tina is an excellent teacher and just loves what she is doing,  well, you have to see it to believe it".... 
~ Jim
“What an amazing experience! I love to dance but this stuff (tango) is almost unbelievable it is so much fun. And the connection that you experience with your partner? It is off the chain!” 
~ Terry
~ Dana
"This is an awesome experience to learn and practice Argentine tango! If you've never tried it, Join in! Tina is a wonderful teacher who is patient and fun. You will be surprised how much you can learn in your first class, and it just makes you want to do more! Great ambiance and everybody has a good time."
~ Pam D
“Hi Tina, Jeff and I really enjoyed last night. We plan to come back and learn more !”  
~ Toni
The passion for the moment, the ability to truly feel the music. These are things I never thought I was capable of. Now when I listen to any music I can feel it, not simply hear it. Tina helped me explore the passionate side of myself. The embrace at first was something I feared; Now, every time I dance, it feels as though I am fulfilling a long lost desire. Thank you Tina you gave me something I can never lose.
~ R Mossa
“I was a first time tango-er and was happy to find the tango group accepting, pretty laid back, and you could tell that all of them really loved the music and being able to dance so beautifully."
~ Jim W.
"I loved my short time with this small intimate group and looking forward to locating my next tango adventure wherever that may be! I can't say enough about Tina and how wonderful an instructor she is! I absolutely adore her passion for this dance!" 
~ Kathy
"Great people who you would enjoy being friends with. I had a fun time."
~ Tantra