Tina Marie Tango Academy 

Argentine Tango Classes, Workshops, Practicas and Milongas


Private Tango Lessons

A private tango session is an amazing opportunity for you to get one on one guidance and attention to deepen your understanding and execution of tango.  
Students engaging in private sessions have the advantage of understanding their own body, how their dancing feels to their partner, and how they can function more efficiently and beautifully on the dance floor. Tina Marie’s useful methodology helps dancers of any level become more comfortable and confident, propelling their tango development in the right direction.

The benefits of one on one instruction with Tina Marie is to help you gain knowledge of the effective ways to improve your dance. It will build on your strengths and enhance continued learning through personal education and knowledge of tango.  

 All levels welcome. Several packages available. 

Single Lessons and Packages

* 1-hr Lesson: $60 single  $70 couple
* 2-hr Lesson:  $100 single  $115 couple 
* Three Pack Lesson Package:  $150 single. $180 for couples.
* Tango Body Conditioning:  $20. Add on 20-minute tango body conditioning. Benefits
   are Improved balance, and increased range of motion. Self-awareness.
* Solo Technique Tango Drills $20 Add 20-minute of solo technique work. Become the
   dancer you want to be. Mastering technique makes everything easier.

-- Lesson length for lessons is one hour unless otherwise noted.
-- Please complete 3 lesson packages within 30 days.

Booking your lessons...

If you are interested in booking private sessions with Tina Marie, please contact her to schedule a time. Please give 24 hour cancellation notice of any scheduled lesson.  
Involve yourself in a learning system and with practice methods central to, and most important to tango.

What are you looking to achieve?

  • Understanding and clarity
  • Accelerated learning
  • Tools and exercises
  • Change the quality of your dance
  • The building of figures and elements 
  • Deeper training in the details that matter
  • Expression through embellishments
  • Musical necessities
  • Understanding Technique
  • Esthetics that matter
  • Awareness of variables where physical function or mind set interferes with progress.

Tango Conditioning 
Enjoy improved mobility with one on one tango conditioning by Tina Marie.
  • Strength and flexibility training
  • How to manage physical limitations
  • Pain relief
  • Improved awareness of body & movement

Tango Retreat:
A private and personalized weekend immersed in dancing, instruction  & discussions. Includes Private Lessons, Tango Dancing, Tango Talks, Body Structure and Flexibility Work.  Musicality Development 

A full weekend of one-on-one learning!!
Please inquire for more information.

Dance better with each new experience
Dance with more confidence  

 Clear Leading 
Responsive Following
Posture and Embrace
Connection and Flow
Tango, Vals, Milonga 
Musicality and Phrasing
 Melody vs. Rhythm
Figures and Rhythms
Creating Dynamics
Walking and Stride Techniques 
Footwork, Articulation, and Expression 
Balance and Grounding
Power of the 'Pivot'
Turns and Rotation
Technique for Boleos, Ganchos, Leg Wraps, 
Paradas, Sacadas

Milonga Tips and Information 
The Beauty of Traditions 
Navigation and Floorcraft
Etiquette for Dancing Socially
The Cabeceo &  Important  Codegos  

Stretching and Strengthening  Session also available