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Tango is a place

I feel a profound

sense of belonging..

It is my joy and pleasure to

share this world

with you !

Tina Marie

Tina Marie

Tina Marie is an avid and passionate Argentine Tango teacher and dancer well known in the local tango community, in many parts of the US, and also in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She is known for her knowledge and expertise in both leading and following and for the ability to break down movement in classes for everyone to learn. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for Tango and its culture, along with the gift for passing the joy and love of Tango to others is enjoyed by all.  Tina Marie has been active in the local tango community, since 2009, and began growing and promoting tango, holding classes and events regularly since 2012. She  attends festivals, workshops and seminars around the US, and travels to Buenos Aires to indulge in intensive training and to enjoy personal satisfaction of dancing socially in the beloved Tango Mecca of the World.

In the beginning...

Dance has been a life long joy and career for Tina.  She is trained in many classical disciplines and has performed with several dance companies. She began teaching and choreographing professionally by the age of 24 and opened a successful dance studio dedicated to training youth, for over 25 years. Many of her students have gone on to dance professionally, teach, and to own their own dance schools as well. During the 80's Tina expanded her training into the area of social ballroom dancing and developed a love for couples dancing, teaching and enjoying the nightlife in the discotheques of the era. 

Argentine Tango?

It wasn't until 2009, that Tina discovered Argentine Tango.  Since then, she has always said...

"I suppose the 'best dance' was saved for last!"  Tango as a couples dance was unlike any other dance she had experienced. It was simplistic, yet complex, organic, natural, connected and spontaneously and magically improvised. It's was beautiful dancing the music, and not a set of memorized patterns. It was a whole new way to think about communication. The next few years learning and dancing tango only fueled her desire for deeper understanding and knowledge of the dance. Beginning in 2012 she made her first trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This three-month trip was just the beginning of many dedicated trips to train and study with Argentine tango masters and to engage in, and to absorb the beautiful rich Tango culture of the city and the Argentine people. The nights in Buenos Aires were devoted to dancing among the porteños, (locals) in the Milongas of Buenos Aires, sharing the floor among so many world class dancers and among some of the most beloved and respected Milongueros in the history of Tango. 

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