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The Tango Experience.... What student's say about the chance to dance Tango

From Delia... Tango is exciting, tango is fun, tango is challenging. As a couple, my husband and I are always looking for activities to do together, a time for us - with no children. Activities that challenge each other. We never thought how wonderful Tango can be. Every Monday night we left our worries and tiredness, and drive to tango classes. Excellent exercise for the body and the spirit! We discover a new face of ourselves, along with wonderful people you meet there. Excellent company! Excellent music and lovely dancing! Thank you Tina for this wonderful experience.

From JP... I have met so many wonderful people in this new tango world. It has brought so much joy to my life. Thank you Tina for what you bring to the community.

From Jim... “If there is any doubt or hesitation in your mind as to whether you should go to this, put it aside and go. The people there were really friendly, the dancing was not difficult and within the ability of just about everybody. Tina is an excellent teacher and just loves what she is doing, well, you have to see it to believe it!'

From Terry T.... “What an amazing experience! I love to dance but this stuff (tango) is almost unbelievable it is so much fun. And the connection that you experience with your partner? It is off the chain!”

From Pam D ... "This is an awesome experience to learn and practice Argentine tango! If you've never tried it, Join in! Tina is a wonderful teacher who is patient and fun. You will be surprised how much you can learn in your first class, and it just makes you want to do more! Great ambiance and everybody has a good time."

From R. Mossa... The passion for the moment, the ability to truly feel the music. These are things I never thought I was capable of. Now when I listen to any music I can feel it, not simply hear it. Tina helped me explore the passionate side of myself. The embrace at first was something I feared; Now, every time I dance, it feels as though I am fulfilling a long lost desire. Thank you Tina you gave me something I can never lose.

From Jim W.... “I was a first time tango-er and was happy to find the tango group accepting, pretty laid back, and you could tell that all of them really loved the music and being able to dance so beautifully."

From Kathy... "I loved my short time with this small intimate group and looking forward to locating my next tango adventure wherever that may be! I can't say enough about Tina and how wonderful an instructor she is! I absolutely adore her passion for this dance!" 

From Tantra... "Great people who you would enjoy being friends with. I had a fun time."

From Dana B... “Exhilarating!!!!"

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