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Argentine Tango Classes 

Tina's Tango Classes will immerse you in the authentic, cultural and social dance of Argentine Tango giving you insight on how this mysterious and magical dance is enjoyed nightly in the social dancing halls of Buenos Aires and in cities all around the world.  You are invited to join us and discover the passion and the heart of Argentine Tango.  

Georgia Class Locations: Sandy Springs and Roswell

                                            Beginning Level Classes... 


Tango Immersion Boot Camp -  To be announced                                   

Recommended for those exploring this fascinating dance for the first time, for the curious, the absolute beginner, and to those wanting to dive deeper into the culture and connection of tango.

Tango Beginnings - Entry Level Beginners Program -- Class now forming!!

If you are new to tango and want to begin learning, this class will start you at the beginning. You will discover and explore fascinating concepts of tango, and learn basic steps and figures, while developing coordination of the couple, and the unique aspects of the connection,  posture, and communication so essential for tango. 

We are currently accepting pre-registration for students who are new to tango. This includes men and women individuals and/or couples. No experience necessary. Please ask to be put on our new class waiting list so you will be contacted when the class is formed.

INTERESTED?: Text "ENTRY LEVEL WAITING LIST"  to 678-469-5005. Feel free to ask questions and inquire about the start date. 

PRICE WILL BE:  $70 4-classes.

LOCATION: DANCE IT OFF STUDIO — 6080 Sandy Springs Circle — Atlanta, GA 30328


                            All Level Classes... 

Simply Tango - Beginning Level 11 - Sunday  6:15 - 7:30 

This is an on-going class. Advance registration is required. Start any time.

Students joining in this class should be familiar with lead and follow concepts and basic movement that is specific to Argentine tango.

In this class you'll have plenty of practice time. We will introduce fun new tango elements and figures each week while advancing lead and follow concepts, technique, personal creativity & musicality. We will continue developing the defining qualities of the embrace, the posture and the connection so essential to tango. Join us and learn the ins and outs of rhythmic and melodic improvisational tango walking, using variations of stopping/pausing, turning, intermixed with cool tango moves!

ENROLLMENT:  Text "LEVEL 2  SIMPLY TANGO"  to inquire or enroll. 678-469-5005. We will respond promptly and get you set up. 

LOCATION: DANCE IT OFF STUDIO — 6080 Sandy Springs Circle — Atlanta, GA 30328

PRICE: $70 4-Classes.  6 week expiration on each 4-pack.  

                                    Intermediate Level Classes... 


1 - Duel Role Training - Thursday  7:15 - 8:30  

2- Beyond Basics - Thursday 8:00 - 9:30

Advance registration is required. Start anytime! 

Intermediate students should have a solid tango foundation with working knowledge of both parallel and cross system movement and concepts involving giros. (tango turns) If you've been dancing tango for a while, attending tango socials (practicas, and milongas) we invite you to join us.

The Thursday schedule:

The first class at 7:15 is dedicated to duel role training. ie: Intermediate followers are learning to lead and leaders are learning to follow.  

At 8:00 PM  we have a guided tango practice session and at 8:30 to 9:30 is new material at intermediate level. 

CLASS TIMES: (choose your schedule) 

  1-  7:15 PM - 8:30 PM Duel-Role Training & Practice time till 8:30 PM

  2-  8:00 PM - 9:30  PM  Intermediate Practice & Class till 9:30 PM

  *or take both Thursday Intermediate classes ...  7:15 PM to 9:30 PM

ENROLLMENT: Text INTERMEDIATE, to 678-469-5005. We will respond promptly, answer your questions, and get you set up. 

PRICE:  $70  4Pack... 4 weeks/ one class per night.   6 week expiration

             $90  4Pack... includes BOTH classes same night. 6 week expiration   

LOCATION: DANCE IT OFF STUDIO — 6080 Sandy Springs Circle — Atlanta, GA 30328

                          Private Lessons 

Now registering - private lessons by appointment. Pay as you go (per lesson) or get 3-packs at discounted rates.

TIME: Day and evening hours available. Monday through Sunday. Scheduled at your convenience. Appointments are first come first served.

LOCATION: In house studio in Roswell. 

TO BOOK APPOINTMENT: Text Tina  678-469-5005 

Additional information below, and on our private session page. 

Classes and Events

                                          HOW TO ENROLL AND GET  STARTED! 

Advance registration of scheduled courses, classes, or lessons, along with payment is required. Send a text to 678-469-5005 to let

us know which class or program you are interested in joining. After registration, payment will save your spot in class. If you are joining a group class that

is continuous and ongoing, 4 packs are purchased and when completed, simply purchase another 4 pack to continue. 

Tuition payments can be made via Venmo, or Zelle, or you can ask for another arrangement.   Note: Registering with a partner is optimal, but not

necessary. We will do our best to pair you with a partner. Rotation of dance partners will occur in class unless you specifically

request otherwise.


Welcome!!  ...Argentine Tango is a loved social dance and a lifestyle. Tell your friends!  Help our community grow!


For accelerated learning and/or special help, ..... schedule an appointment for a private lessons or two.

I work with beginners and also with those wanting to dive deeper and train seriously. Regardless, this is your time to achieve

your goals. I am happy to help! 

Private Lessons Scheduled by Appointment

Open for Enrollment - Schedule today!

  • For Any Level Dancer

  • Men or Women

  • Leaders or Followers

  • Individual or Couple

  • Private Group Options

  • First Dance Wedding Choreography 

Available for weekday scheduling as well as on Saturday's and Sunday's.

To book private sessions with Tina Marie, please contact her to schedule a time.

Pricing here > Private Sessions

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