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Why Us?

Tina Marie Tango Academy

Loving every minute of our journey together

The Classroom ...

Tina Marie brings authentic tango traditions and cultural practices to the classroom with a passionate and patient teaching style. Her approach is holistic and open minded and draws from years of study and experiences with many tango masters in Buenos Aires. Her classically trained background, allows her to solidify movement knowledge and musicality in her students. She believes that by teaching the importance of the singular tango body, with body awareness, balance, and control over movement, the art of partnering develops into a heightened expression of tango in the dual tango body.

Why Dance Tango?

Tango is a fun and meaningful activity. The social environment of dancing tango promotes community, togetherness, kindness, respect, good feelings and friends. Its a space all ages and all walks of life to enjoy encounters of connection, through music, and a language dialogue of reciprocal expression in the language of tango.

For connection to occur in the human condition communication must be activated. Both are in a partnership to listen to the other, trust the the other to give, and also to receive. To interpret the language Like learning any language, dialogue is a thought or feeling communicated dance you create, not one that your repeat. The art of dancing tango is all about communication. The act of communicating. To listen and  to be heard, not  only heard but to understand. The language is a language in which we create.  through understanding it's structure and be heard and to be understood. To listen intently and to . to enjoy an unspoken dialogue, real communication and connection resulting in harmonious human encounters to

A thought, a feeling, the music.

It is said that you don't need to be Argentine to dance tango... but you will need a passport to feeling.

Join Us...

 We hope you join us! Tango offers you an endless adventure and fun opportunity to explore creativity, beautiful music, new friends, dance pleasures, new sensations and make memorable experiences with friends and community.

Dedication & Joy ...

Tina is known for her extensive knowledge and her expertise in both dancing and teaching both roles in Argentine Tango. (the follower role & the leader role) She has enlarged the footprint of the local Tango community, aspired to assist whole heartily anyone who wants to learn, and actively promotes tango and it's traditions and culture. She has inspired many new dancers and helped further develop those wanting to improve as dancers. Tina Marie regularly dances in the local Tango community and attends festivals, workshops and seminars around the US. She travels to Buenos Aires as much as possible to indulge in intensive training and to enjoy dancing socially in the Tango Mecca of the World.

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